How to Order Your School Portraiture


1. Open the proof gallery. Go to Select your school from the galleries available, enter your email address, and the password provided to you. By entering your email, you agree to receive emails from Fun Love Photography in relation to your school portraiture order only.

2. Select your child’s class from the dropdown menu on the bottom right.

3. View the images of your child. Locate and click on the first image of your child and use the arrows on the top right to browse his or her images. Double-click an image to zoom in.

4. Choose your images. Use the Favourites and the Star Ratings to help you remember the images you would like to order.  

5. Decide what Collection you would like to order. Collections are described on the Investment Guide (available to view in the ‘Home’ gallery), and in the ‘MY ORDER’ section of the class galleries. Print collections are for one pose only. Additional poses can be ordered as Additional Items. For those that would prefer Digital Collections, there are 3 options to purchase.

6. Order your Collection. Click on ‘MY ORDER’ along the top of the gallery. Choose the Print Collection or Digital Collection you would like to order by using the Categories Menu on the right. Choose the Collection you want and add it to your cart. You will then be prompted to choose the pose you would like. Click OK and drag your chosen image into the box at the bottom of the gallery screen. Close the image collection when you are happy with your selection.

7. Order your Additional Items. Once you have chosen your Collection (you MUST choose a collection for the same child before you can order Additional Items), click on ‘MY ORDER’ and choose ‘Additional Items’ from the Category menu on the right.  You can now add the Additional items to your cart and select the poses for those items.

8. Complete your Order. Return to your cart by clicking ‘my cart’ at the top of the gallery. Complete the check out process. Select delivery method by choosing ‘Send Order to School OR Receive via e-mail’.  If you would like print orders shipped to you directly ($15 +HST), please Select ‘Ship this order to me’. Be sure to complete full payment (either via Paypal or e-transfer) so that your order can be processed.

9. SIBLINGS: Please make a separate order for each sibling sibling set. Families with siblings making more than one order may use the code SIBLING10 on each order for a 10% discount. 

Please direct any and all enquiries, questions or concerns to Heather at