The Art Of Your Life

Imagine you could stop time. Imagine you could grab a moment and make it last forever. Imagine you could weave that moment into your every day life.

Now multiply that feeling over and over. A suite of moments captured in a Fun Love Photography portrait session become the art on your walls and the pages of the albums that tell your family’s story.

Heirloom artwork and archival albums portraying the lives of your loved ones get passed on from generation to generation. Together with Fun Love Photography we can truly create the art of your life.

With Heather, the Accredited and Award-Winning Portrait Artist behind Fun Love, you will be treated to a full-service portrait experience, from pre-session coffee-date consultations to one-on-one design sessions in which we curate heirloom art collections for your home. 

Your Images

With the eye of an artist in love with sweet and beautiful things, the love of a mother who sees perfection in even the imperfect moments, and the technical skill of an engineer (which I once was), I take pride in producing perfectly crafted images that capture your beautiful and unique reality.

Years of experience have taught me the art of breaking through grumpy preschooler moods, shy toddler fears and even too-school-for-school teenage airs. I have learned to work in all sorts of lighting conditions and make magic in seemingly less-than-ideal locations.  

Once captured, I optimize your images using the best available editing tools. I’ll retouch blemishes, scrapes, cuts and the temporary tattoos that the kids refused to remove. I finish every image with a clean, natural and classic feel so that your family heirloom photos never appear dated.

More images are captured and presented to you - more than what many other photographers show. Without overwhelming you with choice, I believe in letting moms and dads choose the perfect moments and smiles that resonate the most.

Your Experience

I’m a mom. I totally get how little extra time parents have, how we bear the enormous weight of both tiny and huge responsibilities, and how we give everything of ourselves to our families all the time, even when it means sacrificing our own needs and wants.

As part of your family photography experience, I take care of you every step of the way to make sure your time is preserved, to ease the weight of your responsibilities and to make sure YOU are taken care of to.

I start with a Welcome Package that includes all the information you need to prepare, I offer optional professional wardrobe consultation, in-home hair and makeup styling and certified post-partum doula help for newborn photography sessions. I shoot on-location wherever your heart desires, and I guarantee to dazzle you at your PREMIERE NIGHT after your session when your images are debuted and when I walk through your home with you to custom design your art.

Your Art

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the amazing images we produce together should be cherished, shared and shouted from the rooftops. As part of my complete service to you, I make sure you walk away from our experience together with everything taken care of. Together we design just what your heart desires – portrait boxes, albums, wall art, desk art and prints.

 I guide you through all of your product options and literally SHOW you what your art will look like on your walls so that there is no guesswork involved. I also walk you through the choice of gifts for doting grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends.

When your gorgeous, professional quality products are ready, I lovingly wrap them up and bring them to you (or send them wherever they need to go!). I’ve even been known to hang your art on your walls for you – completing that last step of the process. As once client once exclaimed, ‘I LOVE instant gratification’!

Heather was completely natural at collecting the magical shots we hadn’t even known we wanted.
— Sally McWilliam, U.K.