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"Best photos I've seen."                                   

        – Alexandra Whiting, U.K.


"Heather puts us at ease as soon as she walks through the door. Having a newborn can be pretty tiring and trying to get ready for a photo session can be a little daunting in those first few days. Heather was so calm and she made everything so relaxed. She has a lot of patience and understanding, I didn't feel like she was looking at the clock to rush off to her next appointment. She made sure she stayed until she captured those wonderful moments. But my favourite part was when she posted that first beautiful picture on Facebook, my heart skipped a beat to see such a beautiful photograph of my little baby (both times)."                                   

        – Jason and Theresa Morris, Canada


"My favourite part of working with Fun Love Photography is that it is always a fun family experience, we always get the feeling of togetherness from the experience. It gives a chance to focus on just each other for a few hours without any interruptions, which the kids love! 

My biggest fear was whether or not my children would behave and be presentable in front of a camera. It did not happen, Heather was fantastic with the kids, managed to engage them in a way that would get fantastic pictures."

         – Krista Espeskog, New Zealand


"Very professional, Heather puts you at ease and comes up with nice ideas for photos without being in a sterile environment."

        – Sarah Taylan, UK


"We were worried that our young children might not "perform" or co-operate with demands of posing on the day. However, Heather is very natural with young "models" and helped us all relax and enjoy the experience.

Working with Fun Love Photography has without doubt been our best experience for family portraits. Fantastic choice and value for money for such a talented photographer."

        – Damian & Laragh O'Brien, Ireland


"Fun Love Photography provided a discreet, professional service that blended seamlessly with our wedding day. Heather was completely natural at collecting the magical shots we hadn't even known we wanted."

        – Sally McWilliam, Denmark