Heather of Fun Love Photography is proud to be the winner of the award of Merit Recognition for this photo of beautiful Maisie, age 1, and her lovely mom Danielle. This image was capture in May 2017, on the Maisie's first birthday, and awarded by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers in the autumn of 2017.


Heather is also an Accredited Child + Infant Photographer and an Accredited Newborn Photographer with Professional Photographers of Canada.


Client Testimonials

Alex from the U.K. said:


"Best photos I've seen."

"Portraits with Heather is always a fun family experience - we always get the feeling of togetherness from the experience. The session gives us a chance to focus on just each other for a few hours without any interruptions, which the kids love!"

Krista from New Zealand said:

"A big heartfelt thank you to Heather! We were blown away last night when she delivered our beautiful portrait box and prints in time for Christmas! From one mother with young children to another, I understand how busy she is every day never mind at this time of year.  Our entire experience surpassed all expectations. Shannon and I know we were not the easiest clients, but it was just so hard to choose our images from the gorgeous photos! We love them all. Heather is an amazing photographer and person!"

Robyn from Toronto said:


Bridget from Toronto said:

"As a new mom of 2 kids (5 and 2), feeling frumpy, sleep-deprived and not exactly photoshoot ready is pretty much the norm. Nothing inside me was burning to go out, find a photographer I liked, book a location and a date, pick a rain date if we wanted to do it outside, find coordinating outfits for the kids and wrestle them out the door in between naps and snacks and meltdowns. So we settled for selfies and pictures with our phones and the odd photo tag where we were lucky if all 4 of us were in the picture. But then I met Heather - and I spontaneously booked a session! I changed the date a few times but she always accommodated our change. Finally, on the day of our photoshoot, we arrived to our shoot, flustered, angry about something that happened earlier in the day, and hoping that our kids would smile for the camera even once. Coordinated outfits? Ha! In my haste to get there on time and my desire to have my kids in at least a clean shirt, I grabbed the first thing out of the laundry basket. When we arrived at the park, I realized I had brought the wrong clothes for my youngest and had no choice but to put him in shorts and a shirt that were 3 sizes too big for him. Once things started rolling and Heather started working her magic, we got into the photoshoot and were able to shake off the day. When we got our pictures back, my heart soared. I didn't see uncoordinated outfits or dark circles under our eyes or my wobbly mummy tummy or temper tantrums. I saw our family for exactly who we were at that moment in time and it was perfect. I never thought I wanted to do family photos. Now? Those images of our perfectly imperfect family are the most cherished things I own."


Theresa from Newmarket said:

"Heather puts at ease as soon as she walks through the door. Having a newborn can be pretty tiring and trying to get ready for a photo session can be a little daunting in those first few days. Heather was so calm and she made everything so relaxed. She has a lot of patience and understanding, I didn't feel like she was looking at the clock to rush off to her next appointment. She made sure she stayed until she capture those wonderful moments. But my favourite part was when she posted that first beautiful picture on Facebook, my heart skipped a beat to see such a beautiful photograph of my little baby (both times)."


"Heather was completely natural at collecting the magical shots we hadn't even known we wanted."

Sally from Denmark said:


Sabrina from Mississauga said:

"This day was simply planned as a day for us to hang out and enjoy some good food as we are rarely all in the same room together. With these gorgeous pictures, Heather made this February afternoon one of the most memorable ones for us. She captured moments that we couldn't see or let pass us by and she made us feel so comfortable during the whole process. It was a perfect day. Thank you Heather!"

Kitty from Ohio said:

"Heather is talented, professional, creative and fun. Choosing to invest the time doing family photos and purchasing these wonderful works of art is not always the first priority for some people. When we decided to have some photos done, she was extremely helpful in walking our family through the process of what to prepare prior to our session, what to expect during the session to make things efficient, and ideas on what to purchase to make our memories last. She's easy to work with and again, very professional. I highly recommend Heather and Fun Love Photography without any hesitation."


Claire from Ireland said:

"Heather did some family photographs for us, she did an amazing job at getting the best out of all of us. The session was an hour long, and I was concerned about how the kids would last, but no problem. Heather made the session such fun, we never felt the time pass. And the photos were amazing, so natural and beautiful. Thank you Heather x"