Hi, I'm Heather, the award-winning portrait artist behind Fun Love Photography.

It knocks my favourite wool socks off every time I make a mom cry when she sees her photos for the first time.

I love meeting my clients for coffee-date consultations because I love coffee and I love my clients and I love chit-chatting. Totally win-win-win.

It is a distinct possibility that I will show up for our photo session on my bicycle. Because I am obsessed with riding bicycles.

I could talk all day about raising kids and snuggling babies because I'm a mom to an 8 year old and a 3 year old and being a mom is pretty much the most amazing (and hardest) thing in the world.

I love travelling. I've been to 72 countries, and I have just returned from living in Copenhagen for 5 years. So if you want me to travel somewhere for your photos - chances are I'm game.

I have a big long story about how I got to where I am today - you can read it here - but for now what you really need to know:

I love photos. Taking them, looking at them, remembering the moments they were captured in… Most of all, I love to capture images that are full of fun, full of love and full of life.  At our photo session, you just be you and I’ll do the rest.

Heather xoxo

Best photos I’ve seen.
— Alex Whiting, U.K.


Meet the team


This is Jill. She’s in charge of Client Experience.

Jill joined the Fun Love team in the fall of 2017. Mom to two boys aged 10 and 7, she’s no stranger to the menagerie of family life and she jumped in with two feet to help make Fun Love’s first Boutique School Portrait shoots smashing successes. Back in the office, Jill keeps things running and is always thinking of ideas to help Fun Love reach more families and create amazing and memorable experiences.