.... aaaannnnddd it's 2019. Time for something different.

Ok - I’m really not sure how that happened - how it suddenly became 2019. I haven’t blogged since August last year and I didn’t even realize it until my mom pointed it out over the Christmas holidays. She asked me if I was still shooting. HECK YES! I was pretty surprised actually - somehow I didn’t feel that busy between August and now (except for in November - November was silly), but in some strange way I guess I just forgot about blogging. Is that bad? I’m not …

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What's in my bag?

My bag includes different things for every different type of session or age group I’m photographing that day. This bag is packed for an outdoor summer session with a mom, a dad and an 18-month old! I have my Canon 5D Mark 3 together with my 24-70 2.8L and 70-200 2.8L Canon lenses to capture the action and the portraits, and I threw in my…

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Fun, not rain!

So can you tell it rained half way through this family portrait session?

We started with play time in the field and forest, but a huge, earsplitting and very close crack of thunder made us hightail it to the safety of the nearby sheltered playground where Jade and Logan attend børnehaven (kindergarten). We had a few…

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I'm smitten.

Yup, I'm smitten with the new handcrafted Glass Boxes I've brought into the studio. I'm even more excited to offer them to clients as the perfect keepsake from a family portrait session.

Inside is a collection of your favourite images from your session printed on watercolour paper and hand torn at the edges to create a visually stunning display. 

They're the perfect in a …

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Boys, Bricks + Bikes

These two brothers. Seriously. They laughed A LOT. Besides one unfortunate stinging nettle incident, there were giggles and silliness all around.

Now this session was extra fun for me because this fabulous family gets around on a long john bike in Copenhagen just like I do with my kids here in Toronto. A major difference thought is that in Copenhagen it's completely normal. In Toronto, not…

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Ria, when she was 3

Here's Ria, back when she was 3 just a few weeks ago! (Now she's all grown up at 4 and 16 days.)

This little girl is full of personality and I've loved watching her grow since I first met her when was a newborn. She rides a bike now, she sports sunglasses like a pro and she travels the world like a jetsetter. 

Check out how

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Do YOU wear glasses?

hen you HAVE to meet Wendy. 

Wendy, Eyewear Image Expert extraordinaire, is incredible at what she does, which is match men and women with stunning eyewear that suits, compliments and highlights their faces and personalities. 

We staged a session with Wendy to highlight HER face and personality :) and to tell her brand story. We loved seeing her in action with her…

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Happy Father's Day!

t's Father's Day here in Canada! Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

My annual trip to Copenhagen back in May was crazy emotional - I'm not sure why. 

The nostalgia hit hard as soon as I walked off the plane and into Kastrup Airport's newest gates. Memories poured back of arriving in Denmark to live nearly 8 years ago, with my tiny little son newly walking. He played with Duplo Lego at the play tables while we…

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