What if my kid does 'the fake smile'?

The number one concern parents have coming into a family photo session is “will my kids behave? will they do that fake smile?”

So here’s my thoughts on that one.

No - they won’t behave perfectly for the whole session and yes - they will do that fake smile for at least a couple of photos.


As an experienced and accredited child photographer, it’s my job to work around, through and past all that. Never mind the tips I provide families to prepare (see my checklist here) - everyone comes in with the best preparation and intentions - it’s what happens DURING the session that makes the images. As parents, you get to sit back and watch the fun unfold and watch the funny fake smiles turn to genuine laughs. You get to watch the strop melt away as we transition to fun and capture the real good stuff. There’s no conniving or convincing or bribing kids to smile nicely and there is no saying ‘cheese’. There is just a lot of good fun mixed in - the kind that produces genuine smiles and happiness.

How do I do it? Well, I have my secrets, but more importantly, I HAVE REALLY GOOD JOKES.

Here’s Michael and Ava to prove it.