Top pictures to capture on rainy days!

They’re here folks, the rainy days. It’s been a long and gloriously warm summer (here in Toronto anyway), but all things must come to an end, and looks like we’re starting with some wet.

Fear not! There are still great images to capture of your little ones, even when the cloudy days are less inspiring.

1.     Puddle jumping.

Get outside! Toss on some boots and a hooded jacket and find some good puddles! The reflection of skylight from the puddles will light up your little subjects as they run and jump. Let them get good and wet. You can clean and dry up later!

Nail the focus on your moving subject using a few tips here.

If you are worried about the water on your camera, try just covering it loosely with a thin produce bag from the grocery store – be sure not to cover the lens!

One more thing - ace the look with absolutely the most adorable kids rain gear.

2.     Umbrellas

Grab your cutest kid umbrella and head out. Try to angle the umbrella back a bit and let your child look up towards the sky a bit – this lets you avoid a coloured umbrella casting an unnatural colour onto your kiddos face, and also lets the light from the sky hit their eyes. Need more lighting tips? Read this blog post

3.     Windows

Not ready to brave the outdoors? Grab a window and play with the light coming through. Go bright or go dramatic.  There might be more light coming through than you think!

cute baby by window lots of light

If the window is behind your kid, your image will be more dramatic. Let them do their own thing – whatever they are doing at the time. If you engage them with eye contact, you will want the window to be beside them or in front of them so that the light hits their eyes.

4.     Books

A favourite pastime for many littles on a rainy day! Sit them in a giant oversized chair or your favourite rocker by the window. Give them their favourite story and watch them become immersed!

Or really capture their attention with a new read from Ella Minnow, Mabel's Fables or even a new read in a new language from Rainbow Caterpillar!

5.     Playtime!

Let them at it! Evaluate the light in the room they are playing in to determine what angles you can shoot at. Or make the moment more convenient by bringing them to a window lit area and giving them a new puzzle or a toy they love, or maybe haven’t seen in a while!

6. Showcase their bedroom!

Stand back and pop them in the middle! Make them tidy up first for a bonus! (hahahahaha!!!)

girl in pretty pink bedroom

7.     Bathtime!

An oft forgotten photo opp! Perfect rainy day activity with the possible bonus that your child might become clean. Have fun with tons of bath bubbles.

And if all else fails…

8.     Head to the movies.

(Hint: take the photo when the screen is super bright! Preferably in the ads at the beginning so as not to disturb other moviegoers!)

boy at a 3-D movie eating popcorn

There you go, lots of ideas to make the most of the next rainy day! Have fun!

Be sure to post your pictures with hashtag #funlove_betterphotos and #funlove_rainyday.

And if you end up at the playground - here's a ton more ideas