The Courtyard

The title of this blog post might sound like a Netflix drama show to be binge-watched over four consecutive evenings, but really it's an ode to one of the most amazing things about living in the city proper of Copenhagen. Hidden away from the busy streets and their (admittedly not-so-bad) din of bicycle bells and electric buses are every apartment block's courtyard. These are magical green spaces with varying levels of playground, bbq space and picnic facilities beside the requisite recycling and rubbish receptacles and covered bicycle parking. What's most amazing about them is how they shield residents from the city and the street noise, and provide an opportunity to be out in nature side-by-side with neighbours. These private, key-entried courtyards are truly remarkable and refreshing to step in to. 

This was my second session with Ben in his courtyard and apartment. Just as fun as the first one, this one featured his gorgeous curls and his 2-year old tendencies. A pleasure, Andrea. Until next time!!