Small Business Owners: Do the Photos on YOUR Website tell your Brand Story?

One thing no one has much of these days is time. Especially if you are running a business (or.. errr… a business is running you).

So it might just be that you threw your website together the quickest way you knew how - using stock photography. Or maybe you had some headshots done and splashed those all over your site - generic studio-lit business suit on white background? Looking corporate-chic? Or even corporate-not-so-chic?

So here’s the question - whatever images are up there on your website and your Linked In profile and Facebook cover and all over your Instagram and Twitter - do they really tell your audience who you really are - what you do - your ‘why’?

Now here’s your two-step task - and because no one has time - it only takes 5 minutes

First Step (4 minutes)

Open up your website and take a look at your photos. Ask these three questions about the images you see. Be objective - ask a friend.

1. “Can my audience see the real me?”

Ok - NO. Not the real you that rolled out of bed this morning and slapped together the kid’s lunches with your toothbrush hanging out of your mouth. But the REAL you with your best foot forward.

Do you look like you NOW? Or is your headshot 8 years old. Would your audience recognize you on the street?

Are you dressed or accessorized or coiffed in a way you are likely to show up for a coffee with a potential client or business ally? And further, are you showing up in a way that aligns with how your most ideal client wants to see you?

Are you shown in an environment that you belong in with your business brand? Does the setting and background makes sense to what you offer with your business?

(This is Joanne. Joanne is on fire - she is a compassionate but grounded LEADER.

(This is Joanne. Joanne is on fire - she is a compassionate but grounded LEADER.

2. “Can my audience trust me?”

This is two-pronged

First, your photos need to show that you are a trustworthy, reliable and professional in character and that you will be able to deliver on what you offer. You need to achieve this with your facial expressions and your body language. Do your expressions and body language look approachable? Confident and capable? Or are you closed off with crossed arms? Or inauthentic with a fake ‘say cheese’ smile? (Hint: A great photographer will be able to get the expressions you want to convey out of you - and it should be fun!)

Second, your photos need to clearly indicate a connection between you and what you offer. If this is clear, your audience will trust that what they need from you will be what they get. If they are confused about who you are and what you offer, then they will not trust you to do the job. Do your photos show you at work, working with people (if that’s what you do) and with your final products or results?

(This is Wendy. This woman can rock shoes and spectacles like nobody’s business.

(This is Wendy. This woman can rock shoes and spectacles like nobody’s business.

3. “Can my audience relate to me?”

There is lots of discussion these days on niching and specializing - questions about minutely defining your audience or going after a broader market. Regardless of where you stand on this issue or how you are currently defining your market, your photos need to show the you that your potential clients can relate to. This means that the photos need to provide a touchstone for your different potential clients.

For example - say you are targeting parents of young families. Do your photos show that you can work with or relate to children? Are you a fellow parent who ‘gets it’?

Say you are targeting large corporations. Do your photos show that you are comfortable in a big corporate environment and that you can walk the walk? Are you professional and experienced?

Say you are targeting teens with your product or services. Do your photos show that you are with the times? Do you get their language? Are you on the inside? Do your photos show that you can provide something they want?

(This is Kelly. She is AWESOME. The most beautiful and down-to-earth soul you’ll meet.

(This is Kelly. She is AWESOME. The most beautiful and down-to-earth soul you’ll meet.

Second Step (1 minute)

If you answered yes to all the above, take your last minute of your allotted 5 minutes to pat yourself on the back and go grab a coffee.

If you answered NO to any of the above questions then take the last minute to start changing your photos now:

First - grab your free Download “5 Must Have Images to Tell Your Brand Story” here.

Next - Book your free Vision Call with me to start envisioning what photos you need specific to your brand.

Finally - pop over to Insta and FB to follow along for brand photo inspiration.

Now - go forth and relax this weekend!

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