Same, same but different

Ahhhhh... Twins. Didn't you always wish you were a twin, HAD a twin? Someone to share every little step of the childhood way with? Someone who was just like you, but different too? An automatic playmate, a 24-7 playdate?

And then when you realized you would never be a twin (unless.. you ARE a twin..), didn't you wish you could one day be a parent of twins? (Or is this just me..??). Having had two singletons of my own, however, it has dawned on me just how difficult the task of raising twins would be. Twice the fun and twice the love, but also twice the work and quite possibly half the sleep! But there is still that little bit of me that wishes...

Now let me introduce Chloe and Hadyn. Twins same same, but oh so different - in the way they look and in their personalities. But they couldn't be sweeter. Here's a taste of the glorious morning I got to spend with them and their amazing mom and dad. Enjoy!