I'm probably going to fall down soon.

If pride comes before the fall, then I'm likely to fall down very soon. 

WHY? Because this:


I'm super proud to have been granted accreditation both as a Child & Infant Portrait Photographer and as a Newborn Portrait Photographer by the the Professional Photographer's of Canada association.

About 2 months ago, I submitted a selection of images to be peer-reviewed and every single image was accepted as demonstrating creative and technically sound portrait photography abilities. And all on my first try!

This is pretty exciting for me - of course it feels good to be recognized and affirmed as a portrait artist, but also makes me feel great that I can tick another criteria box for my discerning clients - those who want reliably great portrait photography of their families.

My cat Elf is apparently not so impressed, as he chose to use my accreditation certificates as a pillow when I turned away.