Moments : toronto family photography

I'm in a rebuilding mode right now. Yes, I've been back in Toronto for 10 months already (how did that happen!?), and yes, I've relaunched after a huge business makeover, but still, I'm mired in e-mails and blog posts and webinars and YouTube videos about how to be better. Always always always trying to be a more amazing version of yourself. Always trying to do more, to be more - both personally and professionally. I'm okay with this mode for now - I mean, don't get me wrong, it's utterly exhausting, but right now it's good, and it's where I need and want to be. It's probably where a lot of us should be a lot of the time! Perpetual self-improvement.

One of the many steps of this introspection has found me looking at the images I produce and trying to see what they represent - what story they tell. Maybe I'm not introspecting enough (is that a word?) but I think it came to me pretty quickly. _I_ think my story is about moments. Collecting the moments of little lives, or even just of little snippets of little lives, and capturing them to represent the little humans and their joys, their quirks, their crazies and their fleeting discoveries. 

I invite you to join me today on the journey of Oliver and Emilia's moments. This is their story on a slightly rainy, slightly sunny morning spent at the orchard. xx