Maha's Newborn Zen Session

Booking your newborn photo session is best done well in advance of your due date - but this can make some moms-to-be a bit nervous - right? What if baby comes way early? Or late? What if it feels wrong to plan for something in a part of your life that will be fraught with firsts and unknowns? I get it. Uncharted territory. (That's why I have a flexible policy on booking dates for newborn sessions - rescheduling is par for the course).

But what booking ahead DOES do is ensure that you won't forget to book in once you are in the throes of sleep deprivation, happy tears and sweet dazed cuddles. And it will also help push you to do something super special for YOU, moms, when all you really want to do in the moment is drink coffee or nap. Or cry. Or all three at the same time. Your future self with thank you, rather than regretfully wishing you had done the session once your little starts growing so inevitably fast.

Maha's mom Shahd revealed to me only well after her session that she was thinking of cancelling in the lead up to Maha's arrival. She was worried about recovering from her delivery, about breastfeeding, and about being too tired. Enter the amazing Kelly Maslen. I'm SO proud to have created and delivered for the first time, the 'Newborn Zen Session'. a service for moms in which a doula attends the photography session to help care for and prepare baby before her photos, to help mom with nursing if she wants it, and to provide a general sense of calm. Kelly, an experienced doula and breastfeeding educator, was AMAZING and supported Shahd with the mad skills and knowledge of a postpartum care expert and the love of mother.

"My biggest fear was that I would be tired after a c-section, breastfeeding, and sleep deprivation. I was worried that I wouldn't have the energy to put a smile on for the camera! I actually thought about cancelling the session so many times, but offering to have a doula come before the session to help with the baby was great ! I did not think it would go as smoothly as it did.  Thanks for hiring Kelly - she was so great!"  
- Shahd, Maha's mom

And people, LOOK at the images Shahd gets to take away and keep forever. I'm SO glad to have helped Shahd get her beloved images in a way that made her feel great and relaxed and happy.