Kingston and his big brother York

Playing a bit of catch up here today. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wished there were more hours in the day and that days didn't just fly by!?

I wanted to share the lovely Kingston whose newborn photos I captured back in March. Kingston was born to his lovely mama but also big brother York, who was nearly 6 at the time (and is 6 now - Happy B-day York!). I have to say, while I always feel a connection to mamas of newborns (because I'm taken back to those unforgettable newborn days myself), I feel it even more so when parents have children with a bigger age gap. My kids are just about 5 years apart and I feel like there should be a club. It's a great gap - the older able to understand and help with the littler - never mind that I don't think I personally was designed to parent two toddlers at the same time. 

And even better, that gap lets me grab slightly more dependable amazing sibling shots with newborns.  :)

Here's Kingston and York. See the resemblance?