Is traveling with kids supposed to be a 'holiday'?

Anyone else had a crazy fast summer holiday? Where did it go?

I have to be honest actually - we took the kiddos on holiday to Halifax last week. We had some moments of fun and ice cream and inquisitive exploration, but we also had a LOT of moments of not enough sleep, too-late mealtimes and ‘when are we there’ whining. There were tantrums too. Holidays are not so much holidays when you have little ones, but more like just ‘vacations’ - when you vacate your normal home and carry all the responsibility of parenting to an unfamiliar place without all the comforts and routines of home. Plus you are missing some cool museums, hikes and adventures that the kids just won’t allow. Hmmm…. Now I need a holiday from my holidays and am regrettably starting to look forward to the return to school!

What do YOU think of traveling with kids? I would love you to share any hot tips you might have that make things fun and easy for everyone - bonus points if you have techniques that allow real exploration and appreciation of the places you visit!

Here’s one amazing family (that you might recognize from years past!) that knocked traveling out of the park this summer - starting 4 weeks in Canada with a week with us at our cottage. These latest family portraits are from Copenhagen in May. Two wonderful girls and their fun parents - we can’t wait to have you back!