What's in my bag?

Here's a run down of what's in my bag, Q&A style!

"So.... what's in your bag?"

My bag includes different things for every different type of session or age group I’m photographing that day. This bag is packed for an outdoor summer session with a mom, a dad and an 18-month old! I have my Canon 5D Mark 3 together with my 24-70 2.8L and 70-200 2.8L Canon lenses to capture the action and the portraits, and I threw in my Macro lens to grab some still-adorable long eyelashes and chubby fingers and toes. I leave the hoods at home.

contents of family photographer bag

I love my Captured Couture scarf strap because it’s cozy and looks great – it’s attached to my camera body with Camera Strap Buddy that fits into the tripod mount so that the camera lays cross-body over my shoulder rather than hanging traditionally around my neck (which is really inconvenient I find).

capturing couture scarf camera strap

My monkey goes with me on every session that involves children under the age of about 8 – he’s a Shutter Hugger, so he fits right on my lens. Oddly, he always seems to have the same name as the child I’m photographing. I also bring stickers for ‘bribes’ and rewards and tissues for tears and little noses.

shutter hugger monkey for family photography
contents of family photography bag

I bring an extra memory card and battery for insurance.

The lip gloss makes me feel great, and my iPhone is my map and navigator, timepiece and mode of communication. It’s protected from drops with an Otterbox Stardust Glitter Case – looks great and has rubberized edges to absorb shocks.

iphone and lipgloss

My bag is an Ona Capri in Field Tan – it’s a brushed leather.

ona capri camera bag

"Which lens is your go-to?"

My 24-70 2.8L Canon goes on every single sessions with me. Somehow it keeps me creative, and I love shooting with it in it’s sweet spot of about f/3.5 or 4. My choice of other lenses depends on the session – my 35mm 1.2L or 50mm 1.2L for indoor sessions and newborns, my Macro 100mm for newborns too, and my 70-200 2.8L for absolutely everything outside. I love my 16-35mm too, but it needs a service, so sadly its been sitting lonely in the cupboard for many months.

"What's the most used item in your bag?"

Before a session? My phone! During the session? My camera! After the session? Those stickers!

"And the least used item in your bag?"

If I’ve prepared properly, my extra battery; and if I’m not ridiculously overshooting, my extra memory card, and if I’m lucky, the tissues!

packed camera bag with camera and shutter hugger
camera bag with shutter hugger sticking out

The details:

Bag : Ona Capri (Field Tan) : www.onabags.com : @onabags

Camera : Canon 5D Mark 3 (with spare battery) : www.canon.com

Lenses: Canon 24-70mm 2.8L (on body), 70-200 2.8L and 100mm 2.8L Macro : www.canon.com

Camera Strap : Capturing Couture Scarf Strap : www.capturingcouture.com : @CapturingCouture

Camera Strap Hardware : Camera Strap Buddy : www.clicksnap.net : @clicksnap.net

Memory Card : Sandisk 64Gb : www.sandisk.com : @SanDiskAPAC / @SanDisk

Monkey : Shutter Hugger : shutterhuggers.myshopify.com : @ShutterHuggers

Phone : iPhone 7 in Rose Gold : www.apple.com : @apple

Phone Case : Otterbox Stardust Glitter Case : www.otterbox.com : @otterbox

Tissues, Stickers and Lip Gloss