Girl about town

... med farmor og farfar! 

That means 'with dad's mum and dad's dad'. I think it's a really wonderful Danish way to refer to grandparents - as mum's mum, dad's dad, etc. This way it is clear which grandparents are being referred to - maternal or paternal. Maybe it doesn't really matter, but it's come to be the normal way for me having been immersed in Danish culture for so long (and I also now only know my weight in kilograms!). A couple of weeks ago, my parents were picking up my daughter from daycare and I found myself looking for the right word to tell the pedagogues (another Danish-ism) who would be arriving for her. I settled on 'my parents' instead of 'her maternal grandparents' - but it definitely felt like there was a word missing from the English language!

So here is Ria, with mor, far, farmor and farfar, about town in Copenhagen on a spring afternoon!