Well, this is all new - and this part's for you!

And here we are at Part 3 of the blog post trilogy on Fun Love's spring 2018 rebrand!

In Part 1, we showed you our new logo and new website.

In Part 2, we snuck a little peak at our gorgeous new Welcome Packages. 

Here in Part 3 is the really good stuff - our new Albums and Portrait Boxes.

Here is our sample Album - luxuriously thick lay-flat photographic pages bound with antique white leather and a matching Ashwood Box. I adore the clasp too! What do you think? Would you like a matching box to keep your album protected?

And a brand new Portrait Box. These feel even better than they look - the fabric, available in a few different colours, is indescribably soft and smooth, and the lid closes with a pleasing snap. The whole piece is heavy and luxurious and the perfect way to present multiple images on your mantel, shelf or desk. Take a look. 

Would you go for the Album or the Portrait Box?

So that's what's been keeping us super busy this spring! Big thanks to Lab Creative for their vision, design chops and persistence with the process. I love the results and can't wait to wow everyone with these beautiful products!

Want in? Want to see all this in person? Book a consult now - just Say Hello