Well, this is all new - with sparkly ribbon!

Yesterday I introduced you to my (gorgeous, IMHO) new logo and website in Part 1 of this trilogy blog post on Fun Love's spring 2018 rebrand! 

Here's Part 2 - Fun Love's new pièce de résistance - our Welcome Package! You're going to love getting this in the mail (when you book your family portrait session!). 

(NB. This is how all Fun Love's family sessions start - getting you acquainted with all the info you need!)

What do you think? Would you love to get this in the mail? Or is email better? Or perhaps carrier pigeon?

And the best part is the feel of these papers - gorgeous silky smooth soft-touch. You'll know what I mean when you receive yours!

Ok - last up in our spring rebrand is our new... drum roll please... albums and portrait boxes! They are stunning. See them here tomorrow in the Part 3 trilogy finale.

'til tomorrow!