Well, this is all new.

SO MUCH is new that I have to break this blog post in to a 3-part series. My first trilogy!

Here's Part 1 of Fun Love's Spring 2018 rebrand.

Ok, so I know you are already here on it, but have you noticed my new website? Welcome!

What a ride the last few months have been as I've worked together with branding genius Laura at Lab Creative to realize a new vision for Fun Love Photography. There is a lot new behind the scenes, but my new logo and website are the façade of Fun Love so may I present....

My new logo! What do you think? We worked hard to make it pretty and flowy and I just love it, and all of it's rose-goldy goodness.

Then there is the new website - look around here. We tried to make everything more easily findable. Do a girl a favour - take a tour of the new site and let me know if you can find what you are looking for or if I have missed anything!? 

New home page with rotating images - which is your favourite?

Easier to find information on upcoming events and special sessions like Glitter, Headshots and Branding, as well as info for other photographers as I will soon open my doors for mentoring!

A new 'About' page so you know who I am.

And updated portfolios so more easily see my work.

Thank you for my new website Lab Creative!

Ok - so tomorrow is Part 2. Possibly my most exciting new bit - my new Welcome Package! And Part 3 is coming soon after that....

See you tomorrow!