Do YOU want the type of family photos that most other moms want?

Every family has their own beautiful, fascinating and exciting story, and every mom has a different vision of how she would love to capture that story. It’s the first question I ask when we first chat on the phone - “Tell me what you would love to capture in your family photos!”

I LOVE the visions my families have, and I love bringing them to reality. Naturally (and thankfully!), every family photo session is unique.

Interestingly, however, is that 99% of answers to that first question I ask are some variation of “We want our photos to be candid and natural - nothing posed and fake.”

I LOVE this answer - because posing you in weird and fake ways is totally not my jam. BUT, the reality is that truly candid photos aren’t always the desired result either. Natural? Yes, but true candid photos don’t usually show us in our best ways. So instead, we capture natural photos of your family having fun, connecting and doing what you do - telling your story - but we orchestrate these moments. We set the stage but the fun and the love are real. That’s always the vision, and always the result.

This type of photography is called ‘Lifestyle Photography’ - a mix between classically posed portraits and a documentary style. Think this might be the type of family portrait session YOU are looking for too? Be sure to join our newsletter list to make sure you stay on top of our tips, tricks and news (sign up here - scroll down to the bottom). Worried this style might still elicit ‘fake smiles’? Read my thoughts on that.

Here’s a wonderful example - with little Rea having her daily dose of fun and life on a Friday afternoon.