Dandelions, daisies and ducks

Here's gorgeous little Ria in her element - the beautiful curated nature of the botanical garden. Dandelions, daisies and ducks, rock gardens and steps. Until the end (when we walked the border of the gardens unable to find our way out*), this was a fairly typical toddler photo session involving sitting, running and jumping, snacks and an outfit change mid way through, then more sitting (wriggling this time), running and jumping. It was topped off by some lifeskills practice: stair climbing. Ria delighted in going up and down in that wonderful wobbly toddler way. A lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

*We DID eventually find our way out but had to return to a main gate via the wilds of the forgotten grasses. I WOULD like to spend an overnight in a botanical garden one day, but perhaps with the comfort of a tent, a fire pit and s'mores supplies.