Are you an entrepreneur who is also a mom?

Next question: Have you heard of Mamas & Co?

So here's the deal. This is the only group _I_ have heard of that supports, inspires and connects MOMS who RUN THEIR OWN BUSINESSES. Sounds amazing right? Well - it sounds amazing to mom's who run their own businesses. Maybe not so exciting to people who are not MWRTOBs (totally just made up an acronym there). But that is the whole point. MWRTOBs (ok, sounds a bit silly if you actually try to say it) are unique - we balance the all encompassing task of motherhood with the also all encompassing task of running our own businesses and funny, weird, quirky, crazy, hard, tiresome, challenging, wonderful things happen in our spheres every day - some things that only fellow MWRTOBs could ever possibly understand. 

So all of that to simply say - this organization of Mamas & Co is unique, special and appreciated. 

The organization is relatively young, but already held it's first one-day conference on a Saturday last October. It was called MamaCon. It was wildly popular, featured some kickass speakers*, networking opps, swag and eats, and I was the lucky event photographer who got to officially capture the whole thing!    

(*including branding guru Laura at Lab Creative who blogged about her experience with my photos here.)

Before I share a few event photos, I want to encourage you, if you are a MWRTOB, so join Mamas & Co. So many learning labs, meetups and special events coming up, so don't miss out. JOIN NOW

ALSO, if you are MWRTOB, I would be remiss to not direct you to the sign up page for my upcoming MAMA MEANS BUSINESS Headshot Event. Never underestimate the power of an amazing headshot to help boost your brand and business and connect with your target audience.

Heather Davidson-MeynComment