Well, this is all new.

SO MUCH is new that I have to break this blog post in to a 3-part series. My first trilogy!

Here's Part 1 of Fun Love's Spring 2018 rebrand.

Ok, so I know you are already here on it, but have you noticed my new website? Welcome!

What a ride the last few months have been as I've…

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Announcing: The Haliburton Sessions!

I'm very pleased to announce that I'm bringing my full-service family portraiture to the Haliburton region beginning in summer 2018!

Portrait sessions (and their coveted associated 'Premiere Nights'***!) are available for discerning cottagers, lakehouse owners and residents of the beautiful Haliburton region on summer weekends and select spring and fall weekends this year! 

Not only is it…

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Awoken Beauty

It is my immense pleasure to introduce you to Kelly of Awoken Beauty. 

Kelly just launched her newly rebranded website. She is an expert in Erotic Self-Awakening - pop over to her website at awokenbeauty.com to find out exactly what that means because it probably doesn't mean what you think it does!

I'm so pleased to have been a part of Kelly's rebranding process (along with Lab Creative) by

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Every day is International Women's Day

When you think about what women do and achieve every single day, really, you realize that every day is International Women's Day. And every day women make strides to become stronger leaders and create better role models for our daughters. I encourage women everywhere to celebrate yourselves by acknowledging your achievements, no matter how big or small, and sharing them with others. 

I'm honoured today to be featured in...

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Winning Image

You know that feeling of satisfying anticipation when you just know something great is about to happen? I had that feeling when I pulled up to Maisie's house on the morning of her first birthday. I had it when I saw a magical field across the road from her house. 

Many people might have seen a weedy, unkempt parkette on a hazy, grayish day, but I saw the potential for magic. Maisie's mom and dad and her grandparents looked...

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Shades of Summer

A beautiful August morning spent with these lovely and sometimes shy ballerina princesses. There were plenty of hugs and smiles shared. I love the perfect morning light and the look of love on their faces...

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These two

Two enchanting little girls with special places in my heart! I've know them both from tiny - Sofia from 2 months and Astrid from brand new. They are so alike as sisters, Astrid following very closely in big sister Sofia's footsteps. They are adventurous, independent, funny, strong and strong-willed. I can't wait to see what they become. Future, watch out!

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Can you feel it?

Working through these photos I'm taken right back to the beach in Skodsborg just north of Copenhagen. The sun was so perfect, the water cold, the sand felt magnificent between our toes. I'm taken right back and I can feel the breeze in my hair and the surf riding over my feet. Shoes off, all play. A great memory and great fun to share with these two cuties. Of course ice cream was had afterwards too.

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