The adorable dogs of Slobberfest 2010! : toronto pet photography

Here they are!Thanks to all of you who brought your dogs to our Slobberfest booth to be photographed! I will be sending out these and your other proofs via email over the next couple of days so you can see your beloved pooches in their different poses. Missed Slobberfest but still interested in having YOUR dog photographed like these dogs? Stay tuned on our website dog page for upcoming doggy portrait sitting, or sign up to be notified of the next sitting date! WOOF! 2010_slobberfest_030-1-web 2010_slobberfest_089-1-web 2010_slobberfest_007-1-web 2010_slobberfest_087-1-web 2010_slobberfest_133-1-web 2010_slobberfest_050-1-web 2010_slobberfest_064-1-web 2010_slobberfest_106-1-web 2010_slobberfest_209-1-web 2010_slobberfest_265-1-web 2010_slobberfest_189-1-web 2010_slobberfest_256-1-web 2010_slobberfest_124-1-web 2010_slobberfest_335-1-web 2010_slobberfest_302-1-web 2010_slobberfest_398-1-web 2010_slobberfest_465-1-web

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