A bit of everything : toronto kids and family photography

A long-awaited post for a beautiful family in a beautiful location - can you believe all of these photos were taken in one relatively small back yard?!?! It was the yard that really had a bit of everything! And we didn't even use the gazebo or the patio! Not just a great location but three great kids - we had fun running around and climbing on things - all in the beautiful afternoon sun. I'm loving the light and the shadows (especially that little hand's shadow on the shed!). Thanks Jennifer and Andrew - and Michael, Emma and Elizabeth - I hope you enjoyed your ice cream after our session!p.s. Elizabeth has the best curls ever!!! blog_2010_waltonfamily_464 blog_2010_waltonfamily_4 blog_2010_waltonfamily_1 blog_2010_waltonfamily_141 blog_2010_waltonfamily_2 blog_2010_waltonfamily_005 blog_2010_waltonfamily_5 blog_2010_waltonfamily_483 blog_2010_waltonfamily_507 blog_2010_waltonfamily_247 blog_2010_waltonfamily_082 blog_2010_waltonfamily_205 blog_2010_waltonfamily_207 blog_2010_waltonfamily_635 blog_2010_waltonfamily_3 blog_2010_waltonfamily_584