Cherub : toronto baby photography

Phew!I'm back after a busy few weeks with sneak peeks for my wonderful and patient clients! Thanks for waiting!!!! Here is the sweet little cherub I had the pleasure to photograph a couple of weeks ago. Gigi is (was!) 4 months old - and the sweetest little girl! Loved her pink tutu and beads! And so glad she didn't mind too too much that we put her in a bowl... Michaela and Ari it was great to meet you - hope the cat has recovered fully from my intrusion! I'll have your proofs to you by the end of the week. blog_2010_aronsoncharette_1 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_086 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_073 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_092 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_118 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_018b blog_2010_aronsoncharette_2 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_354 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_4 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_362 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_5 blog_2010_aronsoncharette_168b blog_2010_aronsoncharette_3

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