Due in June : toronto maternity / pregnancy photography

It was such a pleasure photographing this mom-to-be! We took great advantage of the late afternoon light streaming through the windows and had some fun with some dramatic lighting too. Finally we popped outside to the park - the sunlight was magical! C & M - I can't wait to meet your little one!!!blog_2010_cgmaternity_248-crop blog_2010_cgmaternity_023-crop blog_2010_cgmaternity_021-34 blog_2010_cgmaternity_083 blog_2010_cgmaternity_210-11 blog_2010_cgmaternity_214 blog_2010_cgmaternity_071-76 blog_2010_cgmaternity_120-075 blog_2010_cgmaternity_274-291 blog_2010_cgmaternity_239 blog_2010_cgmaternity_308 blog_2010_cgmaternity_299-323 blog_2010_cgmaternity_340 blog_2010_cgmaternity_350-363