6 considerations for choosing a location for family photos

Wondering where to do family photos this year? Here are 6 things to think about when choosing your location.

But first, can we just talk for a minute about how gorgeous this family below is? I include a handful of my favourite photos from their session because we just NAILED it on location - checking all the boxes.

What boxes you ask? OK, let’s jump in.

ONE: This is the obvious one, so lets’ get it out of the way. You want your location to be … well… ‘nice’. Now, ‘nice’ is in the eye of the beholder, and depends entirely on your style and vision, but generally, most families will want a location that they find AESTHETICALLY PLEASING - devoid of things like municipal garbage cans, commercial entities, trucks and even cars, etc. Look for backdrops that are simple - like natural greenspaces or somewhere with clean urban lines.

TWO: Choose a location that matches your PERSONAL STYLE as a family. Are you outdoorsy types? Urban chic?Home bodies? Think about the colours and styles of the backdrop. Consider the style of your family home. Why? Because that is where you will be hanging your final artwork and you’ll want your statement piece or wall arrangement to complement your decor! PRO TIP: Weave in your wardrobe choices with this in mind too! Complement your clothes to the style and colours of your location as well as your home.

THREE: You might want to choose somewhere that has MEANING for your family. Choose somewhere either close to home that is familiar, or somewhere you like to go and spend time as a family. Aesthetics might win over, but you could also hit the local ice-cream shop, brunch spot or library reading nook you love to hang out in at the end of your session!

FOUR: Ask your photographer about this one as she’ll have valuable insight: is the LIGHT good at your location? It’s important to have good light at your spot at the time of day you will be there, or that you plan the time of day around the light at your location.

FIVE: Think about how BUSY WITH PEOPLE your location will be. You might wish to visit the local park, harbourfront, cherry blossom time in the park or the beach - think about how you can find a location (or time of day) that meets your criteria that won’t be overrun with other people enjoying the location. Strangers photobombing you does not a great family portrait make!

SIX: Finally, consider any REQUIRED PERMITS. Some of the prettiest gardens and parks in your area may very well require a permit. Don’t let this stop you as these locations are very often worth it, but don’t let it catch you offguard and do figure it into your planning. If a permit is required, be sure to secure it ahead of time to avoid awkward trespassing challenges for your family and your photographer.

What other things do YOU think about when choosing your family photo session locations? Let us know in the comments!

Ok, as promised, here is this most gorgeous family living their best life, if temporarily, in Copenhagen. The location is super pretty, quiet and well endowed with natural light; it provides a colourful aesthetic that they love; and it is meaningful for them as they capture this stage of their life away from ‘home’. It has the bonus of having beautiful greenspace just around the corner.

And aren’t these girls adorable? They were so sweet and we had so much fun (more about getting those great smiles here). Enjoy!