Antoine : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

What great fun to meet the beautiful Antoine - two and a half weeks old! Adorable like his big brother who I had the pleasure to photograph nearly two years ago. Thanks Gaelle and Bo for making the trek up to see me - it was great to meet you once again!2014_ras_067-web 2014_ras_069-web 2014_ras_120-web 2014_ras_144-web 2014_ras_132-web 2014_ras_121-web 2014_ras_130-web 2014_ras_050-web 2014_ras_218-web 2014_ras_233-web 2014_ras_234-web 2014_ras_236-web 2014_ras_271-web 2014_ras_268-web 2014_ras_302-web 2014_ras_255-web 2014_ras_250-web 2014_ras_241-web 2014_ras_262-web 2014_ras_185-web 2014_ras_209-web 2014_ras_171-web 2014_ras_202-web 2014_ras_016-web 2014_ras_026-web 2014_ras_029-web 2014_ras_036-web