Ode to Copenhagen : toronto & copenhagen travel photography

It seems appropriate, albeit in a very tardy way, to post these photos exactly one year from the day they were taken. Although Katherine is now far away in both feeling and body, I know at least a little piece of her mind and heart stay here in Copenhagen. Perhaps time for a visit back here soon??? :)2013_awa_034-web 2013_awa_059-web 2013_awa_022-web 2013_awa_031-web 2013_awa_006-web 2013_awa_092-web 2013_awa_105-web 2013_awa_115-web blog_awa2 2013_awa_123-web 2013_awa_153-web blog_awa3 2013_awa_155-web 2013_awa_156-web 2013_awa_164-web 2013_awa_168-web 2013_awa_173-web 2013_awa_187-web 2013_awa_236-web blog_awa1 2013_awa_265-web 2013_awa_271-web 2013_awa_287-web 2013_awa_277-web 2013_awa_284-web 2013_awa_275-web