Playing in the garden! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

I got to spend another lovely morning with Ruth and Pim and their adorable and spirited little girls, Sofia and Astrid! This was a while back (sorry for the long delay Ruth!!) when the weather was just warming up for the wonderfully warm summer we had, and now as things are cooling down, I'm reminded of how lucky we were this year! Sofia and Astrid have now moved house - looking forward to seeing the new house and hoping their garden is as inviting and still boasts a hammock to lie in!2014_mot_159-web 2014_mot_147-web 2014_mot_210-web 2014_mot_396-web 2014_mot_211-web 2014_mot_296-web 2014_mot_366-web 2014_mot_377-web 2014_mot_174-web 2014_mot_309-web 2014_mot_019-web 2014_mot_060-web 2014_mot_088-web 2014_mot_127-web 2014_mot_324-web 2014_mot_437-web 2014_mot_509-web 2014_mot_243-web 2014_mot_254-web 2014_mot_552-web 2014_mot_554-web blog_mot1