Little Boys! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Rain threatened but it turned out to be a lovely Friday morning to explore Copenhagen's Botanisk Have! Another 'newly discovered' location I'm pretty excited about! Here I got to meet the adorable William and Alexander and we checked out the duck pond, the rock garden and the greenhouse lawns, playing ball and blowing bubbles along the way. Great to meet you Monica and Brian - so glad we could find a date before it was too late! :)blog_fre1 2014_fre_165-web 2014_fre_172-web 2014_fre_086-web 2014_fre_103-web 2014_fre_109-web 2014_fre_137-web blog_fre22014_fre_212-web 2014_fre_262-web 2014_fre_370-web 2014_fre_379-web 2014_fre_439-web 2014_fre_470-web 2014_fre_456-web 2014_fre_497-web 2014_fre_583-web 2014_fre_553-web 2014_fre_560-web 2014_fre_607-web 2014_fre_660-web blog_fre3 2014_fre_521-web 2014_fre_629-web 2014_fre_626-web

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