Gigi's Back! : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

I missed Gigi on my trips to Toronto last year, but she's back! She must have forgotten me tough, as she was shy at first - but you can see how she went from shy to laughing in just minutes! She's looking so grown up once again, and we had great fun checking out the animals at Riverdale Zoo and exlporing the forest - I loved shooting here so watch out Toronto people - this might be my next location suggestion for YOU! And with this post, my Toronto sessions are wrapped up... Until next year!! Thanks Ari and Michaela - great to see you again!2014_aro_106-web 2014_aro_137-web 2014_aro_141-web 2014_aro_144-web 2014_aro_147-web 2014_aro_151-web 2014_aro_166-web 2014_aro_125-web 2014_aro_326-web 2014_aro_386-web 2014_aro_343-web 2014_aro_362-web 2014_aro_368-web 2014_aro_221-web 2014_aro_244-web 2014_aro_263-web blog_aro2 2014_aro_439-web 2014_aro_457-web blog_aro1 2014_aro_501-web 2014_aro_013-web 2014_aro_047-web 2014_aro_068-web 2014_aro_038-web

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