So grown up! : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

It was five years ago nearly to the day that I first met Helena. She was 7 months old. Now she's a whopping 5 and a half, and I've gotten to see her grow year-by-year! Nathaniel came along making Helena a big sister and now I get to watch him grow too! So much fun! And one of the favourite parts of my job... Here they are! Looking so grown up. Looking forward to next time Vince and Tanya!2014_gal_001-web 2014_gal_005-web 2014_gal_010-web 2014_gal_017-web 2014_gal_381-web 2014_gal_382-web 2014_gal_109-web 2014_gal_094-web 2014_gal_134-web 2014_gal_141-web 2014_gal_143-web 2014_gal_169-web 2014_gal_173-web 2014_gal_199-web 2014_gal_225-web 2014_gal_279-web 2014_gal_283-web 2014_gal_324-web 2014_gal_330-web 2014_gal_333-web 2014_gal_405-web 2014_gal_407-web 2014_gal_489-web 2014_gal_560-web blog_gal1 2014_gal_631-web 2014_gal_632-web 2014_gal_670-web

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