Audrey and Linden! : toronto & copenhagen kids photography

Lucky me to get to see Audrey and Linden again! That's 3 years in a row and I've seen each from birth. And what cuties they are with their deep brown eyes and lovely lashes. But possibly my favourite part was that polka dot dress and the lady bug shoes... Thanks again to Theresa and Jason for a lovely morning at the park!2014_mac_571-web 2014_mac_565-web 2014_mac_337-web 2014_mac_390-web 2014_mac_579-web blog_mac2 2014_mac_657-web 2014_mac_666-web 2014_mac_686-web 2014_mac_323-web 2014_mac_289-web 2014_mac_315-web 2014_mac_313-web 2014_mac_131-web 2014_mac_117-web 2014_mac_148-web 2014_mac_149-web 2014_mac_070-web 2014_mac_085-web 2014_mac_094-web 2014_mac_137-web 2014_mac_004-web 2014_mac_006-web 2014_mac_014-web 2014_mac_047-web 2014_mac_236-web 2014_mac_245-web 2014_mac_185-web 2014_mac_034-web 2014_mac_172-web

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