One of my favourite locations! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

First day back in Toronto I got to head to my old local beach to photograph little Andrew - well he's still little but nearly as little as when he was just a baby 4 years ago! I hadn't thought ahead of time about how much time had passed and so was surprised to see the big guy walk into the room! He's also a big brother to Olivia now - she about the same age as Andrew when I first met him. What a pleasure to meet her! Thanks Lukasz and Danielle! Glad we could make a session time work this time around!2014_cai_012-web blog_cai3 2014_cai_101-web blog_cai2 2014_cai_252-web 2014_cai_272-web 2014_cai_287-web 2014_cai_298-web 2014_cai_328-web 2014_cai_330-web 2014_cai_230-web 2014_cai_234-web 2014_cai_349-web 2014_cai_383-web 2014_cai_422-web 2014_cai_465-web 2014_cai_534-web blog_cai1 2014_cai_567-web

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