Playground : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

Trip back to Toronto!!! My very first session, about 18 hours after landing, was with the lovely little Anna, who I first got to meet in June of last year. This time we stayed a little closer to home and visited Anna's favourite playground early in the morning. She loved the swings and the rockers and the seesaws, but especially adored the slides. I don't blame her - there was a great variety of colour and shape of slide - fun fun!!! She also loved the little things in life - water fountains, flowers and sitting in the grass. Thanks Janet and John for another lovely summer morning!2014_mcc_825-web 2014_mcc_811-web 2014_mcc_828-web blog_mcc1 2014_mcc_830-web 2014_mcc_532-web 2014_mcc_539-web blog_mcc2 2014_mcc_599-web 2014_mcc_605-web blog_mcc3 2014_mcc_199-web 2014_mcc_386-web 2014_mcc_436-web 2014_mcc_492-web 2014_mcc_308-web 2014_mcc_316-web 2014_mcc_341-web 2014_mcc_250-web 2014_mcc_213-web 2014_mcc_167-web 2014_mcc_163-web 2014_mcc_129-web blog_mcc4 2014_mcc_036-web

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