A beautiful afternoon... : toronto & copenhagen family photography

About a month back, I got to spend a beautiful Copenhagen afternoon with three lovely children, Leanne, Logan and Darcie, and their mum and dad. The sun was shining and the beach and park were busy in the summer heatwave, but we found a few spots to ourselves to play and we found some magical places in the forest. Thanks Leanne and Billy - hope you are settling in well back in your hometown - Copenhagen misses you!2014_ing_396-web 2014_ing_379-web 2014_ing_364-web blog_ing4 2014_ing_454-web 2014_ing_480-web 2014_ing_509-web 2014_ing_538-web 2014_ing_557-web 2014_ing_575-web 2014_ing_579-web 2014_ing_594-web 2014_ing_610-web 2014_ing_587-web 2014_ing_658-web blog_ing3 blog_ing1 blog_ing2 2014_ing_328-web 2014_ing_200-web 2014_ing_150-web 2014_ing_168-web 2014_ing_104-web 2014_ing_007-web 2014_ing_030-web 2014_ing_053-web 2014_ing_193-web

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