Eponine is growing up!! : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

So great to see Eponine again! She's growing up and coming up on a year old! We had a nice time at home before going out and exploring Hellerup's harbourfront wilds. Great to see you again Sandi and Steve... looking forward to next time!2014_mit_322-web 2014_mit_294-web 2014_mit_353-web 2014_mit_354-web 2014_mit_369-web 2014_mit_375-web 2014_mit_416-web 2014_mit_388-web 2014_mit_437-web 2014_mit_457-web 2014_mit_449-web 2014_mit_482-web 2014_mit_487-web 2014_mit_527-web 2014_mit_557-web 2014_mit_592-web 2014_mit_597-web 2014_mit_604-web 2014_mit_624-web 2014_mit_677-web 2014_mit_137-web 2014_mit_139-web 2014_mit_157-web 2014_mit_174-web 2014_mit_189-web 2014_mit_259-web 2014_mit_279-web blog_mit1

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