I'm one! : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Beautiful Norah turned one and I got to go to her birthday party!!! She even threw in a few first steps for us all to witness - what a sweetheart!! Great to meet you Mounir and Elena - enjoy every minute with that sweet little girl!!2014_bou_071-web 2014_bou_064-web 2014_bou_038-web 2014_bou_119-web 2014_bou_103-web 2014_bou_078-web 2014_bou_146-web 2014_bou_537-web 2014_bou_411-web 2014_bou_416-web 2014_bou_315-web 2014_bou_272-web 2014_bou_310-web 2014_bou_408-web 2014_bou_185-web 2014_bou_504-web 2014_bou_510-web 2014_bou_229-web 2014_bou_246-web 2014_bou_337-web 2014_bou_368-web 2014_bou_614-web 2014_bou_625-web 2014_bou_642-web 2014_bou_647-web 2014_bou_673-web 2014_bou_686-web 2014_bou_728-web

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