Oliver, 9 days new : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

I arrived in style in a rental BMW (!) to meet Oliver on the occasion of his 9th day in the world. A wonderful, and hot, July day it was and Oliver was a dream. He slept and slept and slept and was his adorable self. So happy to see Emilia become a big sister, in this now family of four. Thanks Liudmila and Lars for having me to photograph your adorable baby!2014_dem2_015-web 2014_dem2_021-web 2014_dem2_028-web 2014_dem2_046-web 2014_dem2_050-web 2014_dem2_062-web 2014_dem2_072-web 2014_dem2_090-web 2014_dem2_098-web 2014_dem2_100-web 2014_dem2_102-web 2014_dem2_110-web 2014_dem2_114-web 2014_dem2_151-web 2014_dem2_169-web 2014_dem2_184-web 2014_dem2_234-web 2014_dem2_249-web 2014_dem2_269-web 2014_dem2_278-web 2014_dem2_345-web 2014_dem2_362-web 2014_dem2_369-web