WARNING: Adorable overload. : toronto & copenhagen baby photography

Loving how adorable Lucia lights up my blog today! Those big blue eyes and her habit of clapping happily just make me smile. We celebrated her first birthday with a play at home and a walk around a beautiful Copenhagen block. Love her... she's just so cute!! Thanks for a great morning Emma and Mark!2014_yab_024-web 2014_yab_098-web 2014_yab_108-web 2014_yab_123-web 2014_yab_129-web 2014_yab_147-web 2014_yab_158-web 2014_yab_174-web 2014_yab_214-web 2014_yab_215-web 2014_yab_264-web 2014_yab_385-web 2014_yab_390-web 2014_yab_405-web 2014_yab_419-web 2014_yab_442-web 2014_yab_464-web 2014_yab_512-web 2014_yab_570-web 2014_yab_572-web blog_yab1 2014_yab_613-web 2014_yab_625-web

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