Colour on white : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

After rescheduling due to impending rain that never materialized, we booked a sunny afternoon session, and enroute... it started raining out of a blue sky!!! BAAHHHH! But luckily it only lasted a few minutes into the start of our time together and I got to shoot in a lovely spot I've always wanted to capture - the white change houses at Klampenborg beach. Mom dressed the kids with perfect splashes of colour too, and the light turned soft and magical. Never mind that little Jack and Bella were perfectly gorgeous! I love how this session turned out after all! Thanks Jo and Chris - great to romp on the beach with you all!2014_bri_242-web 2014_bri_229-web 2014_bri_198-web 2014_bri_216-web 2014_bri_217-web 2014_bri_220-web 2014_bri_013-web 2014_bri_020-web 2014_bri_090-web 2014_bri_093-web 2014_bri_057-web 2014_bri_112-web 2014_bri_061-web 2014_bri_172-web 2014_bri_143-web 2014_bri_162-web 2014_bri_362-web blog_bri2 blog_bri1 2014_bri_403-web 2014_bri_364-web 2014_bri_365-web 2014_bri_445-web 2014_bri_452-web 2014_bri_508-web 2014_bri_557-web

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