Friends : toronto & copenhagen children's photography

There is a somewhat unique aspect to the expat world that sees friendships build quickly out of both necessity and commonality, but also end suddenly when families move on to their next adventures. Here's yet ANOTHER family I had the pleasure of photographing upon their imminent exit from Copenhagen, but this time friends were brought together to have photos with each other that will forever remind them of the bonds they share. These kids will miss each other but will always have the memories of their times together, and I hope they will reunite in the future. Thanks Nelly for arranging a wonderful afternoon, and thanks to Annet and Peter for allowing the home invasion!2014_dan_659-web 2014_dan_666-web 2014_dan_672-web 2014_dan_694-web 2014_dan_713-web 2014_dan_721-web 2014_dan_727-web 2014_dan_730-web 2014_dan_741-web 2014_dan_612-web 2014_dan_812-web 2014_dan_765-web 2014_dan_188-web 2014_dan_203-web 2014_dan_237-web 2014_dan_325-web 2014_dan_041-web 2014_dan_044-web 2014_dan_055-web 2014_dan_127-web 2014_dan_371-web blog_dan1 2014_dan_386-web 2014_dan_479-web 2014_dan_462-web 2014_dan_567-web 2014_dan_581-web