Number two is on the way! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Emilia is going to be a big sister! Great to meet this soon-to-be family of 4 down at Klampenborg Beach a couple of weeks back. We had a great play and Emilia proved she'll have lots to teach her new sibling about how to have fun. Not long now until the little one arrives! I can't wait for the newborn session - see you soon Liudmila and Lars, and good luck!2014_dem1_007-web 2014_dem1_059-web 2014_dem1_061-web blog_dem2 2014_dem1_064-web 2014_dem1_066-web 2014_dem1_108-web 2014_dem1_099-web 2014_dem1_115-web blog_dem1 2014_dem1_197-web 2014_dem1_243-web 2014_dem1_289-web 2014_dem1_327-web 2014_dem1_344-web blog_dem3 2014_dem1_346-web 2014_dem1_397-web 2014_dem1_382-web 2014_dem1_407-web 2014_dem1_412-web 2014_dem1_432-web 2014_dem1_496-web 2014_dem1_526-web 2014_dem1_537-web