Light : toronto & copenhagen family photography

I just LOVE how this session turned out - we found sound beautiful patches of light in a downtown Copenhagen park and just had a lot of fun - flowers, swings, graffiti and even a family of swans! And kudos to Lily too, who has discovered her inner reading bug this past year, and showed me her favourite spot to sit and devour her books. Great to spend a lovely evening with you - thanks Elizabeth and Chris!2014_sch_666-web 2014_sch_631-web 2014_sch_607-web blog_sch5 2014_sch_582-web 2014_sch_235-web 2014_sch_249-web 2014_sch_263-web 2014_sch_406-web 2014_sch_461-web blog_sch4 2014_sch_190-web 2014_sch_193-web 2014_sch_202-web blog_sch2 2014_sch_157-web blog_sch3 2014_sch_147-web 2014_sch_092-web 2014_sch_096-web 2014_sch_017-web blog_sch1 2014_sch_023-web 2014_sch_048-web

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