Baby Ria : toronto & copenhagen newborn photography

So nice to finally meet the tiny baby Ria - who, I hear, has grown loads since. But on this peaceful morning a few weeks back she was tiny and new. No doubt she was happiest being held by her loving mummy and daddy, but we got a few of her in silent slumber nestled in her pillows and blankets. Welcome baby Ria! I look forward to seeing you grow! Thanks for sharing a slice of your new family life with me, Sampreethi and Thomas!2014_aip_002-web 2014_aip_031-web 2014_aip_007-web 2014_aip_048-web 2014_aip_057-web 2014_aip_091-web 2014_aip_096-web 2014_aip_099-web 2014_aip_112-web 2014_aip_124-web 2014_aip_138-web 2014_aip_142-web 2014_aip_149-web 2014_aip_160-web 2014_aip_262-web 2014_aip_265-web 2014_aip_270-web 2014_aip_288-web 2014_aip_189-web 2014_aip_207-web 2014_aip_220-web 2014_aip_237-web