ANOTHER Farewell to Copenhagen! : toronto & copenhagen family photography

Seems like lots of these farewells going around these days - 'tis the season, but this year more than ever! So many ex-pats moving on. Such is the ex-pat life though...This lovely family is off as well, so we made sure to capture a slice of their life here in Copenhagen - in and around their bright downtown apartment, and in their local park ... which is also one of the most revered 'Royal' parks in the city. Thanks Lena and Robert - wonderful to meet you both and Neve and Jack as well. 2014_bru_038-web 2014_bru_001-web 2014_bru_010-web 2014_bru_192-web 2014_bru_044-web 2014_bru_106-web 2014_bru_078-web 2014_bru_072-web 2014_bru_118-web 2014_bru_121-web 2014_bru_140-web blog_bru2 2014_bru_151-web 2014_bru_223-web 2014_bru_224-web 2014_bru_324-web blog_bru1 2014_bru_346-web 2014_bru_387-web 2014_bru_338-web blog_bru3

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